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Pets on the Common Areas

Pets are NOT allowed on the common property of Millennium Heights Phase 1. Phase 2 residents are asked to note that their pets are to be kept either in their homes, in their enclosed properties or on leashes. Residents are responsible for the actions of their pets, including the cleaning up of their faeces.

Any accidents involving pets arising out of negligence will be the sole responsibility of the pets’ owners and not that of the Association. Pets found unattended or loose on the common property will be removed for their own safety and that of others. They will be taken to an animal shelter.

Unattended Minors

Parents are reminded not to leave children under the age of eleven (11) unattended on the common property. This applies to playing on the tennis courts, by the Clubhouse and its immediate surroundings and riding bikes. We have received reports from motorists on the property of ‘near misses’ when children run out into their path. Motorists are also being asked to reduce your speed to under 20kms when traveling on the property.

We also ask that if persons are walking/running on the track, that you kindly dissuade your children from riding their bikes there at the same time.

We currently have a number of items at our office which were found around the property of Millennium Heights.

These include:

  • Massy Card Keychain card
  • A Casio Watch

If you or anyone you know has lost/misplaced any of the above or any other items not listed, kindly visit our office Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:30am to 4:30pm to claim. Some items will require that you give a description. If correct, the item will be returned to you. Items will be kept for 30 days from today. Any unclaimed items will be discarded.

The Millennium Heights' Annual General Meeting


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