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The Association Rules & Notices

Gym Rules

Jogging Track

Tennis Courts

Pool Rules

Clubhouse Rules

Pets on Common Area

Notice 200

Notice 3000

Gate Access Codes Reminder

When your visitor calls through the intercom system to your home, to give them access to the property via the pedestrian gate press 5 on your home phone; or press 9 for entry via the main gate.


Bottles (plastic and glass): use the recycle bins outside the garbage hut. All other products (from cooking oil to car batteries): see our recycling list above.

“Don’t throw it away, give it away!”

Do you have an item in good condition which you no longer need? Instead of discarding or storing it, wouldn’t you rather give it to someone in need? All you have to do is contact Sophie, Lee, Rondell or Tricia at the office on 421-8679/80, and we may be able to help find a very worthy placement for your item.

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